Send push-notifications to your subscribers even while they away fo your website

It takes only 3 minutes to set our code to your website. Browsers supported Chrome , Safari , Opera , Firefox , IE 11 and mobile platforms Android and iOS .

The unique ability to deliver push notifications

Working with loyalty visitor of your site provides free tools to help understand how the visitor interested in your site. Set up a subscription to push notification for your audience.

Push-messages with Emoji✌️

Send the message with push-emoji, making them more visible and interesting.

Special rich push includes free push, beyond the usual messages. To our push-notification, you can add 2 buttons , making it more visible and with advanced features.


Push-Notification - short messages in a small
pop-up window on users desktops
smartphones and tablets
Even if user left your webpage

Push works offline - as soon as the customer will appear on the network he will immediately see your push-notification.

Try push now by youself

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* browsers we support

How does it work?

To set up push channel on your website just insert only one line of code! So:

  • sign up and receive a unique code;
  • set the following code into your site and we will check it up;
  • ready! Your users will receive a request for notification permission.

You can then create useful messages for your loyal customers

4 reasons
to try push .world

  • In focus - this kind of notification is hard to miss. It works with modern browsers on most platforms and mobile devices.
  • Real Traffic - one click and users back to your site.
  • Targeting and personalization - please contact the customer by name, segment your subscribers - send notifications to customers according their interests.
  • Statistics and management - analyze clicks, views, failures and conversion.

How do I use it?

Push-notification are effective for many platforms:
online shopping, content and entertainment projects,
and news blogs.

We offer turnkey solutions - choose what to send:

  • alert users about discounts and promotions ,
  • notice them when goods appear in stock
  • remind the forgotten goods in cart
  • send the status of the order ,
  • notify service maintenance
    (technical issues, new features) ,
  • invite (on the sale, participate in the competition, any event) .

even more. Everything you need your customers to know quickly

The issue price

We offer several options for partnership: which one is right for you to decide

Any number of subscribers and any number of mass mailings a day - free of charge

If you require more accurate aiming, then it is available for pennies through targeting cities, local time, and the source of the subscription

For shipments of personal integration exists

  • Megapusher


    Is free:

    • Unlimited number of subscribers
    • Unlimited mailing lists
    • Automailing
    • Free widgets
    • Trigger subscription

    Purchase only the necessary premium features:

    • Two-button push-notification
    • Wellcome-push
    • Customization "Unsubscribe" button

    The complete absence of regular payments

  • Targetpusher

    Since 7 months
    y.e. 29 / month.

    Included in the tariff:

    • Unlimited number of subscribers
    • Unlimited mailing lists
    • Automailing
    • Free widgets
    • Trigger subscription
    • Priority Technical Support
    • Access to all premium features

    Included in the premium features:

    • Target on Customer Focus
    • Target groups for loyalty
    • Target cities, time zones, browsers

    The complete absence of additional payments

  • Sniperpusher


    Included in the tariff:

    • All tariff functionality TARGETPUSHER
    • Personal send on buying interest
    • Branded widgets and subscription window
    • Service integration with enterprise applications
    • Centralized management of an unlimited number of sites
    • Extended Statistics, full access to information about subscribers
    • API Access

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