Send push-notifications to your subscribers even while they away fo your website

It takes only 3 minutes to set our code to your website. Browsers supported Chrome , Safari , Opera , Firefox , IE 11 and mobile platforms Android and iOS .


Push-Notification - short messages in a small
pop-up window on users desktops
smartphones and tablets
Even if user left your webpage

Push works offline - as soon as the customer will appear on the network he will immediately see your push-notification.

Try push now by youself

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How does it work?

To set up push channel on your website just insert only one line of code! So:

  • sign up and receive a unique code;
  • set the following code into your site and we will check it up;
  • ready! Your users will receive a request for notification permission.

You can then create useful messages for your loyal customers

4 reasons
to try push .world

  • In focus - this kind of notification is hard to miss. It works with modern browsers on most platforms and mobile devices.
  • Real Traffic - one click and users back to your site.
  • Targeting and personalization - please contact the customer by name, segment your subscribers - send notifications to customers according their interests.
  • Statistics and management - analyze clicks, views, failures and conversion. Everything is displayed in real-time.

How do I use it?

Push-notification are effective for many platforms:
online shopping, content and entertainment projects,
and news blogs.

We offer turnkey solutions - choose what to send:

  • alert users about discounts and promotions ,
  • notice them when goods appear in stock
  • remind the forgotten goods in cart
  • send the status of the order ,
  • notify service maintenance
    (technical issues, new features) ,
  • invite (on the sale, participate in the competition, any event) .

even more. Everything you need your customers to know quickly

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