Send push notifications to your users even when they are not on site

It takes 3 minutes to install the code on any site. Notifications are supported by such browsers as Chrome, Yandex, Opera and Firefox

Unique Features of Push Notifications Delivery

Working with your site visitor loyalty provides free tools to assess the extent to which the visitor is interested in your site. Set up subscription to push notifications taking into account the interests of your audience.

Push notifications with Emoji✌️

Send push notifications with emoji thus making them more visible and interesting.

Special rich push includes free push notifications beyond the ordinary messages. You can add 2 buttons to our push notifications, making it more visible and enriched with advanced features.

Push notifications

Push notifications — or short messages in a small window — pop-up in the browser or directly on the user’s smartphone screen on top of other tabs.
Even if the client is not on your site at the moment.

The notifications also work offline — once the client is online, they will immediately see your push notification.

Wanna test right now?

Psst… here, right in the corner of the screen
  • *
  • *
  • *

* these browsers support notifications even with a closed tab

Web Push. How does it work?

To add Push notifications to your site, just insert one line of the code. To do this:

  • register in and get a unique code;
  • install this code on your site and undergo a test;
  • done! Your users will receive a request to show notifications.

After that you can create useful messages, relax, and count your profits and new loyal customers.

4 Reasons
to try mailing

  • Visible at all times — such a message is hard to miss. It is supported by all modern browsers, most platforms and mobile devices.
  • Real traffic — it takes one click for your users to go back to site. No middleware is required; the client does not need to use third-party applications or services.
  • Targeting and personalization — contact the customer by name, segment your subscribers – send notifications to different customer categories.
  • Clear statistics and management — analyze clicks, views, and refusals; count the conversion.

How to Use Push Channels?

Push notifications are effective for many platforms.
You can turn them on different websites, including online stores, content and entertainment projects, news sites, and even blogs.

We offer ready-made solutions – choose what to send:

  • notifying users about discounts and promotions,
  • users know when goods go on sale,
  • abandoned basket notification,
  • order status notification,
  • messages about changes in the service’s work
    (technical problems, new opportunities),
  • invitations (for sale, participation in a competition or any event).

The options are even greater – you are limited only by your imagination.

Question of Price

We offer several options for partnership – decide which one is right for you.

Any number of subscribers and mass mailings per day is completely free of charge.

If more precise aiming is required, it is available through targeting by city, local time, and source of subscription.

For personalized mailings, there is integration.

  • Free of charge

    Target audience:

    People not engaged in commerce on their website.

    • Bloggers
    • News sites
    • Forums

    Free tariff plan includes everything needed for amateur use of web-push.

  • Business


    Online retail service aiming at:

    • Sales increase
    • Customer lifetime value increase
    • Customer acquisition cost decrease
    • Cost per order decrease

    For those who aim to:

    • Increase the number of loans granted
    • Increase the number of issued credit cards

    For services delivering ready dishes aiming at:

    • Receive bulk orders at lunchtime on business days
    • Increase the number of repeat shipping orders



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