Abandoned baskets problem solved

Online store visitors often do not buy thousands to tens of thousands of baskets with goods per month. Even with an average check of 5,000 rubles – it is tens of millions of lost income.
The biggest loss is that these failed buyers were already very “warm”, they already liked the goods, and they even put them aside. The more valuable it is to create more contact points with these people.

No integration needed

Push.World does not need integration with your IT system
We effectively help to put people back to their abandoned baskets and return up to 20% of them.

Additional sales improving scenarios

We notify your store visitor about

  • goods availability
  • price change for the product of their interest
  • promotions and discounts for goods

No connection to CRM is required

Our service does not need to be connected to your CRM or customer base.

Automatic sale scenarios based on weather forecasts

You are interested in weather, we are interested in it, and your customers do too. People in general are often worried about the weather.

Frosts are coming?
- use this

To attract customers to your heaters, warm clothing, and cosmetics for frosty days, we can notify them about the coming frosts with reference to your suitable products.

Hot weather is on the way?
– sell things people need

Clothes for hot weather, cosmetics, fans, air conditioners, and sunglasses — we can attract people to pages with these goods, notifying them about the upcoming heat.

No development is required

Once the code is added, our specialists will take care of all settings, guided by the wishes of your marketing or sales department.

Tell them what they want
Tell them what they want
Automatic scenarios of stock update for regular sales

Your customer is running out of diapers or favorite cosmetic product? Their stock is low?

We will automatically remind them that they can order a new package and add it to the basket in one click. We will set up expiration date for each product as an automatic script.

Terms of connection

Fixed monthly fee

Launch on the day of appeal