Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

This Cookie Policy defines the principles of using cookies on our website (hereinafter referred to as the «Website»).

During your first visit to our Website you will be informed of principles and options of using cookies.

If you continue using our Website without changing the cookie settings, you will confirm your consent with the use cookies on our Website in accordance with this policy governing this type of files. The text of consent with the use of cookies can be found in the end of the Privacy Policy

You change your settings at any time.

If you do not want us to use this type of files, you should adjust your browser settings accordingly or refuse to use this Website.

We may unilaterally amend this Policy by updating this page.

You should periodically view this page to make sure that you agree with possible changes.

This policy will come into force on May 18, 2020.

2. Definition and types of cookies

Cookies are files or pieces of information which can be saved on your computer (or other Internet compatible devices, such as smartphone or tablet) during your visit to the Website. This type of files may contain different information, for example, about the browser type, operating system, language settings or other personal page settings, data on the Website use, information about your order or login data. Usually, cookies are not used for gathering data which allows for direct identification of a natural person. However, the information received with the use of cookies can be referred to a natural person upon provision of personal information about this person in combination with such information as e-mail address.

There are also other technologies which function like cookies and save data in your browser or on your device. Despite that you probably will not be able to cancel the use of these tracking technologies through your browser, such technologies usually function in combination with cookies. So, if you do not agree with the use of cookies in your browser, this will also switch off these technologies in most cases. All these technologies shall be hereinafter collectively referred to as «cookies».

Cookies are used for:

  • customization of the Website pages in accordance with the User’s preferences and Website optimization, (and, specifically, these files allow for identification of your device) and, respectively, for viewing of the Website page in accordance with your individual preferences;
  • generation of statistics which helps to understand how Users use our Website, which allows to improve its structure and content;
  • maintenance of the session initiated by the Website User (after logging in), which eliminates the need to repeatedly enter login and password on each page;

Thus, cookies do not compromise your device and allow us to provide you with the fastest and best navigation (their designation may vary from authentication to ensure storage of information about user configuration on this server etc.) on the pages of our Website. Usually, significant number of cookies can be found in each user browser and sometimes they can be saved for a long time.

Two different types of cookies are used on our Website: «temporary» (session cookies) and «permanent» (persistent cookies).

Temporary cookies are files which are kept in your device until you close the Website or switch off software (web-browser).

Permanent cookies are kept in your device during the time provided for by cookie parameters or until you delete them.

3. List of cookies used by our Website during its functioning

Mandatory cookies

These cookies are needed to make sure that the Website functions correctly, and they allow you to navigate our Website and use its options. These files do not identify you. If you do not agree with the use of this type of files, it may impact the performance of the Website or its components;

Cookies for monitoring of subscription for push notifications:

  • pw_status: status of subscription of device on the website, to which cookie is connected;
  • pw_status_https: status of subscription of device on the website, to which cookie is connected;
  • pw_subscription_domain: a cookie connected to the device through a specific domain or a sub-domain of specific website where subscription was entered;
  • pw_deviceid: unique device id in the system.

Social media cookies

This Website may contain plug-ins of social media, such as Facebook, Google and other networks, so that you could sign up on our Website using your profile in one of these social media.

This Website also uses web beacons (which are also called pixels, pixel tags or GIFs).

Web beacons are small graphic files (GIF files of 1x1 in size) which embed into Web-pages or electronic messages in HTML format and usually remain invisible for users. Usually, web beacons are used in combination with cookies and allow for tracking the interaction of users with the website or newsletters. For example, we can use web beacons to determine whether a user has opened an e-mail message or followed a specific link, to determine trends and individual use patterns and generate website statistics.

Also, after the user signs up on our Website, we gain access to the following information: HTTP headings; IP address; data on the browser identifier; information about hardware and software; date and time of access to the website; information about geolocation; information about activity during the use of Website.

4. Management of cookie transmission and receipt

In many cases, software for viewing web-pages (web-browser) by default allows for storage of cookies on your device. You can at any time amend the cookie settings. These settings can be amended through the browser settings. Detailed information about the opportunities and methods of cookie transmission are available in the software (web-browser) settings.

Please note that switching off the support of cookies that are used by us may impact the functionality of our Website.