User agreement

This User agreement defines the terms and conditions of using materials and services of website

This User agreement is a public offer. 

Any method and form of using the Service by you within its claimed functionality, including by:

  • viewing the Website;
  • sending a message with the use of web-forms provided on the Websites;
  • contacting the Website support service through the web-form which can be found on the Website or via e-mail;
  • using the Service to collect the data base of subscribers and send push notifications, shall be considered the acceptance of this User agreement.

By exercising any of the above-mentioned options of Service use you confirm that you:

  1. Have fully read the terms and conditions of this User Agreement before using the Service.
  2. Fully accept all terms and conditions of this User Agreement without any withdrawals or exclusions and undertake to comply with them or, otherwise, stop using the Service.
  3. Fully accept that the Website Administration will gain the access to your order history (orders completed by users who have used push notifications). This data is confidential and might be used impersonally to maintain the efficiency of the Service.

The Website Administration may at any time unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of this User Agreement. Such amendments will come into force upon expiration of 3 (three) days from the date of publication of a new version of the User Agreement on the website. If the User does not agree with the changes, he/she shall refuse to access the Website and stop using the Website materials and services.

1. General Provisions

1.1. The following terms and definitions are used in this document:

  1. Service is a combination of functionalities of firmware the access to which is granted to the User for the purposes of information service.
  2. Website is an automated information system available on the Internet at (including subdomains):
  3. User is a Website visitor.
  4. Services include the provision of services to the Users, which are related to collection of data bases of subscribers to push notifications, creation of trigger scenarios and sending out push notifications.

2. General conditions of Service use

2.1. Full and unconditional acceptance of and compliance with the requirements and provisions set out in the following documents (hereinafter referred to as the “Mandatory Documents”) by the User in the following cases shall be the prerequisite for conclusion of this User Agreement:

  1. Personal Data Processing Policy published and/or available on, which contains the rules of personal data processing, provision and use of confidential information, including User’s personal data.
  2. Cookie policy published and/or available on, which contains the rules of cookies use.

2.2. The Website Administration may establish the limits and introduce other technical restrictions on the use of Service, which will be periodically brought to the knowledge of Users in the form and using the method as selected by the Website Administration.

2.3. The website users who have signed up and who use the Service free of charge shall receive the right (for the period of Website use) to collect the data base of subscribers and send out push notifications for free without any restrictions on the number of messages and subscribers and without an opportunity to download such data base. In this case, the Website Administration reserves the right to use the customized data base of subscribers for free and without any restrictions.

3. Restrictions

By agreeing with the terms and conditions of this User Agreement you understand and acknowledge that:

3.1. The Service is offered to generate the data bases of subscribers to push notifications and send out push notifications to these data bases.

3.2. Because the Service undergoes the stage of continuous amendment and update of new functionalities, the form and nature of provided services may change from time to time without sending a preliminary notification to the User. The Website Administration may in its sole discretion terminate (temporarily or permanently) the provision of services (or some other functions as part of service provision) to all Users or you without sending a preliminary notification to you.

3.3. The User agrees that the Website Administration shall not be liable and shall not bear direct or indirect responsibility towards the User for any possible or incurred losses or damages associated with the Website content, registration of copyrights and data on such registration, goods or services available or received through external websites or resources, or other contacts of the User which he/she has made using the information published on the Website or links to the external resources.

3.4. The User may receive and generate the information through the website, require the administration to conceal any information about the user, use the website information for personal non-commercial and commercial goals without special permission.

3.5. The Administration shall protect the information the dissemination of which is limited or prohibited by laws by issuing a warning or deleting the account of the user who has violated the rules; provide all available information about the User to the competent governmental authorities to the extent permitted by applicable law.

3.6. The User shall refuse to create several accounts on the Website if they actually belong to the same person; perform any actions aimed at misleading other Users; make his/her own account and/or login and password to his/her account available to third parties; publish advertising, erotic, pornographic or offensive materials, as well as another information which publication is prohibited or violates the existing legislation of the Russian Federation; use scripts (software) for automated collection of information and/or interaction with the Website and its Services.

4. Notifications

4.1. The User agrees to receive information electronic messages (hereinafter referred to as the “notices”) from the Website Administration to the e-mail address specified by you when working with the Service.

4.2. The Website Administration may use notices to inform the User of changes and new opportunities of the Service, amendment of the User Agreement or Mandatory Documents specified in this Agreement, as well as to send out the information or advertising messages.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. This User Agreement, the procedure for its conclusion and performance, as well as issues not governed by this User Agreement shall be governed by the existing legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. Nothing in this User Agreement shall be construed as establishment of agency, partnership, joint venture, employment relationship or any other relationship between the User and Website Administration, which is not directly provided for in the User Agreement.

The fact that any provision of this User Agreement is considered invalid or unenforceable by a court shall not entail invalidity of other provisions of this User Agreement.

All disputes arising in relation to this User Agreement or in connection therewith shall be considered by the court at the location of the Website Administration in accordance with the existing procedural laws of the Russian Federation.

5.3. This User Agreement can be amended or terminated unilaterally by the Website Administration without sending a preliminary notification to the User and payment of any compensation in connection therewith.

5.4. The valid version of the User Agreement is published on the Website and available on