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How to set up an automated push notification sending

We don’t recommend to use automated sending because it can annoy your subscribers but we have this option available and if you need to set it up — it’s easy.

Here is how:

For it, you need to have an RSS feed. Nowadays it’s not an issue — everyone has it.

Then all easy — from the main page of your account you need to click “Magic” button and copy paste address of your RSS.


Video. How to create auto mailing of push notifications.




You can pause this auto sending as well - click “Pause” on the main page in your account.

How to redact address or delete auto mailing at all?


For adjusting, for example, frequency or an address — push on the pencil button.


Video. How to delete auto mailing.


We do not recommend you to use auto mailing of push notifications but if in your case it’s a good way to go — perfect.


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