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How to chose Push-notification service

The growth of popularity of web push notifications 

The new channel of communication becomes more and more popular and it's expectable. Web push notifications in comparison with e-mail show better results. Web push is difficult to ignore — it delivers on the computer desktop. It's an important distinctive trait but also because of that, it has to be done right so it won't ever disturb your user. 

Today many content platforms want to embed a push notification technology to attract more customers. Many problems that exists in the e-commerce segment can be solved with push notifications... like returning a customer to a certain action. This was usually solved through e-mail but it never gave nearly as good result as push notifications work.

How to chose right service?

Today we have many different services that allow us installing push notifications on the web site: Letreach, Push Expert, Sendpulse, Pushcrew, Gravitec, Push4site, Pushwoosh, Pushover, OneSignal, PushAll, PushWorld, and many others

Despite the fact that all services created for push mailing they have differences — coast of service, prices, availability of free version, usage convenience, number of browsers that service works with and so on. 

A very good and important thing when service allows to see statistic — how many messages sent, how many users subscribed or unsubscribed, how many active users or not...

And not all the services on the Russian market have a Russian interface. For example, Letreach, Pushcrew, Pushwoosh, Pushover — for english speaking users, Pushwoosh и Pushover - don't have scripts for sending push notifications. 

One of the best — Push.World, this service allows mass push notification sending and personal push sending as well.

Why Push.World?

Push.World start its work not too long ago, but it's already so much better than many other services. Push.World has Russian and English interface and it allows to create an unlimited number of push notificationsPush.World's push notifications work with all the main browsers - Google Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Firefox и Amigo.

With Push.World you can not only send and adjust push notifications but you can segment your subscribers, receive detailed statistic, create push auto mailing and many other options. 

The main feature of PushWorld lays in the fact that it was created especially for e-commerce. Plus in contrast with other services, PushWorld developers were able to solve a problem with personal push notification sending. 

Successful use case example. 

Now we want to introduce blog Admitad as a successful use case. 

Summer 2016 — we implemented push notifications in our blog and our web site traffic start growing rapidly. We had from 300 to 700 new subscribers daily and today it's more than 100 000 users. Less than a half a year push notification became a number two source that brings followers to and it's 31% from the total number of visits.

Useful features. 

Push.World creators work non stop to make our service better. Not long ago new premium feature — Rich Push was added and it allows to expand opportunities of web push notifications. First of all, push now is more visible on the screen. Second, every button on the push notification can have its own web address link or UTM tag. That gives an opportunity to check through Yandex Metrika or Google Analytics how many users clicked on the one or another button.  

Work with users loyalty.

Push.World allows to chose the moment your user get the invitation to subscribe. Let's say we'll invite the user to subscribe at the very first visit and we'll show message says something like —  "Subscribe right away!". Maybe it's better to show a message like this after we already know that user is loyal to your service and then invite them to subscribe. Plus we can set up the time of subscription widget appearance. 

Push.World also you can adjust the depth of page where subscription widget will show up. To adjust it right — take account of the average index and you can be sure that more users will subscribe. 

Return to the website — this is one of the loyalty rates that also needs to be taking care of when adjusting a push notification work. You should know that we can suggest to show subscription widget after second, third or even fifth visit. If your user said "No" to the subscription and you can adjust a number of days subscription widget won't show up again. 

Easy integration. 

Integration is easy! Chose a visual format of subscription widget, register, receive your login and password, install the code on your website and set all you need to get more subscribers easily. 

Let's sum up!

Push.World technology is made for engaging more users and not annoy them with messages what is very important. 

Push.World is the service that proves its efficiency in the e-commerce segment and for other platforms!