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Not all Push-notifications are equally good.

Not a secret that not all Push notifications are equally good. Sometimes we subscribe for push notifications and only then realize that we don't need them. This article for you to help, so you know how to turn off subscription on your mobile phones. 

How to turn off notifications on Android 6 in Google Chrome

First method:

Wait until next time you get the unwanted push notification and when you receive it click on settings:

Then go to "Website settings" and click "block":

Done! Now push notifications never bother you again.

Second method:

Will work well for those who don't like to wait. Open a Google Chrome and click on a button browser settings:

Then go to the notification settings:

Move slider in mode "Block":


After this manipulation annoying messages will never bother you again.


How to turn off notifications on Android 7 in Yandex.Browser

And now for diversity lets plan an escape in Yandex browser. Click on button settings (three vertical dots):

Then go to the section "Notifications from the websites":

Press the button "Clear site settings": 


Now your phone is free from any unwanted push notifications. 

We've written this instruction because we know and believe that push notification shouldn't become a tool for spam but an effective way of communication with loyal customers. That is why we'll keep posting articles like this in our blog.

Feel free to subscribe on push notifications on your mobiles! Now you know how to easily to turn in off!