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Push notification scenarios for medical organization.

For the medical center, we've created automated scenarios that solved two main problems — 

1. increase traffic 

2. improve conversion 

All in all, we developed a couple of interesting scenarios especially for that case and we want to share them with you. 

The very first thing that we could think of was how to increase the number of subscribers on push notifications. We used welcome-push and it worked! Then we were looking for the right ways to create push notifications scenarios for such a delicate subject.

That what we come up with:

Reminder Push.

The first scenario that we've developed was a reminder push that reminds a patient about an appointment. In this case, all very easy — when user signing up for a doctor appointment, he/she receiving a push notification. Two times as a reminder about an upcoming appointment. 


Feedback Push.

Our second Idea was to create a poll push that allows us to get the feedback easily — just one click and all done. Great idea that worked very well in this case. For that, we used our Rich-push that works for that purpose very well:


Probably, push-notification it's one of the easiest and quick ways to ask a customer for the feedback.  

Call to action.

Of course, we needed a push notification to notify users that screening results are ready in real time mode:  


We will share our best cases with you!