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Widgets for push subscriptions

As we wrote earlier, "Push notifications are annoying". It is therefore reasonable to use special elements of a website, which will not annoy users so much, and will let you attract loyal audience for your push messages. 

So, let us list them all.


The most inconspicuous, but a persistent widget. It looks like the black, white or yellow icon on the right or left of the screen. It moves after the scrolls.

It can stick to the left...

... or to the right side of the page

Read more about it in the article about shortcuts.

Dialog box

The very working tool that may be configured for good subscribers’ conversion. It is noticeable and requires response from the user: "Subscribe" or "No, thanks".  

It may appear in various parts of the screen and is finely customizable.

Read more about it in the article about the Dialog Box


It is next to impossible to ignore. It shades the website and comes up to the foreground. Therefore it should be used specifically in the cases when you want to attract 100% user's attention. 

It should be displayed in those cases when the user leaves your website, or it is not the first time that he visits it - a regular visitor will definitely not get offended by such a persistent subscription offer.

Read the Article about pop-ups for more information about the fine-tuning this web element.


It is the most natural and friendly element. The users have been accustomed to buttons from the dawn of web pages. The users know well how to use it. It makes sense to place it everywhere where appropriate, for example under an article close to the buttons of social media. For this purpose you can change the caption of the bottom and make it small.

The variant with a big button with a caption, and the variant with a small button 

Read the article about the button for more information about how to work with this web elemen.

Try to choose such widgets and their combinations so that the conversion rate would be maximum, same as their loyalty to your resource.