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Quick start for HTTPS websites

If the address of your website starts with httpS://, you can use one-click subscription. For that just complete this:

Checklist for HTTPS websites

01. Create a new platform

After registration click on "Add platform"

If your website work on https-protocol make sure that yellow switch is in the position [https]

If you use code 1251, then turn it on

Download a logo of your platform and chose an available https website address 

02. Chose subscription form 

We have other articles about subscription widgets

Read here what kind of subscription widgets exist

— tag

— dialog window

— Pop-up

— button

— native window

Note, that one-click subscription is also available for websites without SSL.  

03. Set the serviceworker.js and manifest.json codes

First method. Download files. 

On the third step download both files and set these codes in the root of your website so the will be available like 


Check if the download done right

In the text of the download master, you'll see links (highlighted blue) for placed files serviceworker and manifest. 

Click on them and make sure that both files placed right in your website code. 

Second method. Copy the code. 

If its easier for you just to create both files on the server then just copy in every file files from the right panel (third step)

Check if you placed files right.

If you already have manifest.json on your website. 

If you have manifest.json on your website then combine both texts of manifests — from your website and the one you'll get from Push.World. 

Use an example from combined manifest.json

04. Add two lines of code <head> and <body>   

On the forth step of master copy code from the left pannel and paste it to <head>

Copy the link that leads on your manifest.json and paste it into <head> or <body> of your website

Function that works with  serviceworker, paste in <head>

Click "Continue"


Make sure that now installed into your website using any browser developer console:


Open browser console on your website and type pw. Click Enter.

If it doesn't show any results, — you've missed something. Call technical support.

If console shows data — congratulations you're all set and you can enjoy best push notifications!

Read more articles about, so you'll get the full image.