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💎 How to use Rich Push💎

What is Rich Push?

Rich Push — this is a new premium service and with rich push you can add buttons to the regular push notification that you can design differently.

Two additional buttons allow you to widen capability of the regular push notifications 

First, push became more visible on the screen of a computer

or a smartphone


Second, you can add its own address to every button with or UTM tag. This will allow you to check through Google analytics or Yandex.Metrika how many users clicked on this or the other button. 

How to apply Rich Push?

That will allow you to organize polls with alternative answers 

For example: 

Or give an alternative choice 


In case of polls easier to use different UTM tags for different answers. In case of alternative actions is better to insert different URL buttons. 

How it works at

Create a regular push notification mailing.

Filled up all the premium functions "Additional buttons"