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How to create Push messages.

How to create a push message.

Create push mailing in your account is possible in tow ways. 

№1 Push the "send" button in your dashboard 


… №2 or use “CREATE PUSH”  button on the page of the statistic in your platform



Then you’ll be moved to the page where you plan Push distribution.


How to set up a push notification distribution. Work with details.

Fill up all the required fields. On the right side, you’ll see how your push will look like for subscriber.

To make sure all works right create a trial push, push “send demo push to self” button and check if it works and looks as you need it on your desktop.



Click on your demo push notification and make sure if the page with all UTM tags is chosen right.

Don’t forget to double check UTM tags settings.   



Push notification contains logo of your platform by default, but you can change it by downloading any other image when creating a distribution.

Click “Send” button after you will see a statistic screen where you can check results and follow all campaign process.

Also, it is possible to plan distribution ahead. Read more here заметке “Отложенная рассылка push-уведомлений”.