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A widget. Button

Buttons in web pages appeared almost immediately after the first web browser had been created. There's no need to explain how to use them. 

The other advantage is that a button is not interfering if it is located in the text, or in some section of the website control. It only invites the user to click.

We propose to customize the appearance of your buttons, and place them in your website where appropriate.

Customizing appearance

To customize the appearance, click the button.

Choose the color, the shape, and the caption for the button if you have decided not to use the mini format.

Change the text and/or the color if required.


Customizing display

Click on shortcut display settings.

Copy the code from the field, and place it where you think appropriate.

The "Subscribe for push newsletter" button is a good source for attracting subscribers to your push campaign.

Perhaps you may use push notifications and other interactive widgets for attracting subscribers.